Clint Frazier
Bobby Frazier retired in 2000

1930 Vanderville hardware was purchased by two employees, Clint Frazier and Robert Hutchinson. They formed a new plumbing, heating and sheet metal business., Frazier and Hutchinson plumbing, heating and sheet metal on Finley street in Dyersburg.

Mid 1930’s the company relocates to 110 – 114 E. Market street. This location is now a parking lot across from the district attorney’s office. In January 1947, Frazier and Hutchinson hire Tom Gamble as a general laborer.

April 4th, 1952, Robert Hutchinson sold out to bookkeeper Ralph O. Williams, the company name changed to Frazier and Williams plumbing, heating, sheet metal and roofing.

Today the company continues to grow, serving West Tennessee, the boot heel of Missouri and Western Kentucky.

November 1956 Bobby Frazier, the son of Clint Frazier, joins the Frazier and Williams Company.

1957 Clint Frazier and Bobby Frazier opened Frazier Roofing and Sheet Metal Company at the corner of Finley St. and Fumbanks Ave. in Dyersburg. The company experienced enough growth that in the 1960’s Frazier Roofing moved to 1255 St. John Ave., the current location of Main Street Auto Repair.

1964 the company out grew their current location and built a new building at 1930 St. John Ave.

1979 Clint and Bobby Frazier continued to grow their business into surrounding counties and on April 25th, 1979 Frazier Roofing and Sheet metal was incorporated. During the summer of 1979 Barry Frazier graduates college and joins his father and grandfather. Business continued to grow during the 1980’s and in 1985 the first addition was added to accommodate the new office personnel.

1985 Clint Frazier retires and Bobby Frazier becomes president of the company in 1985. Barry Frazier is moved into the office to work directly under his Father.

1989 Barry serves as president of the Tennessee Association of Roofing Contractors. Jay Wells hired as a laborer after graduating high school in 1989.

1991 Tom Gamble retired in 1991, after working 44 years with the company.

2000 Bobby Frazier retired and Barry Frazier became Frazier Roofing and Sheet Metal’s current president.