Modified bitumen roofs like the ones installed in Humboldt, TN offer benefits over other systems currently marketed for low slope roofing applications. They share many similarities to single ply membranes, add to that a base layer two to three ply built up roof, making the modified bitumen roofing system much less susceptible to problems.

The tough and tenacious properties of the modified bitumen blend coupled with high tensile polyester and/or fiberglass reinforcements provide excellent resistance to foot traffic, punctures, dropped tools, hail storms and other abuse. This makes these products ideal for buildings with high traffic roofs, such as those with mechanical equipment, and schools or structures where objects can be thrown onto the roof.

The elastic properties allow these products to accommodate recurring stresses reducing the possibility of a fatigue failure. There are many benefits of installing a modified bitumen roof: UV Resistance, can accept excessive roof top traffic, low maintenance, multiple layers of waterproofing materials, no roof coating required, puncture resistance, excellent choice of colors, surface for fire ratings and durability.